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Lindy's Stamp Gang Of Quartz It Is Embossing Powder

Art.nr: ep-118


Litt anderledes embossingpulver fra Lindy's. Påfør pulver og varm det med en varmepistol fra undersiden. Pulveret smelter og gir et flott rustikk uttrykk. 

Lindy's is making chunky look good!  Think kitchen counters for these chunky mixed media powders. Not only do these chunkies have speckles and flecks of contrasting colors, but also larger flakes for even more dimension & texture!  These embossing powders are unique blends of colored embossing powders mixed with chunkier embossing granules that allow you to achieve amazing new textures and effects in your work. 

OF QUARTZ IT IS is a raspberry ep with black, silver and gold flecks.

When heated, these amazing colors transition into a glossy, chunky finish.  These powders can also be used to with an adhesive to achieve a matte look or heated from below for added texture. Non-toxic and acid-free.  Also available in the YOU ROCK! embossing powder set.